Dintorno all'Agriturismo

Sesto al Reghena, historical town born nearly 2000 years ago, by the side of the river Reghena, as a supply station and military outpost of the Romans for travellers who followed the "Via Augusta", which links the Adriatic Sea to the Noricum (Austria), starting at Concordia Sagittaria where the Via Annia goes from Aquelia to Rome. Being exactly on the sixth mile from Concordia it was named Sesto.

The Abbey was founded during the Longobard period. Thanks to the wide territorys given as gift by Longobard Kings first, and later by the Frankish, and also to the toughness of the monks, Sesto became a florid center, after the passage to Hungarians in 889 it also got seven defensive towers and a ditch which resisted all of the wars of the upcoming centurys.
From a few years to now the abbey has achieved new glory being able to give unique moments of religious recollection, an interesting historical excursus and a prestigious home for cultural and artistic events of highest level.

Fountain of Venchiaredo The charming "Fountain of Lovers" sung by Ippolito Nieve in his "Confessioni". A small and naturalistic garden of eden.

Mill of Stalis Also evoked by Nievo. It consists of two mills on the Lemene river, one from the XV Century, the other from the XIX Century, hidden in a natural enviroment of rare suggestion.

The church of San Pietro which is situated in Versiola, datable between the XI and XIII Century, and has been saved from its destiny of neglect and abandon, and given back to the rich history and artistic local heritage.